About the Lifers Archives Podcast

Lifers Archives: our words, our stories, our voices.

Lifers Archives is an oral history podcast where incarcerated people have open and candid conversations about their experiences behind prison walls. It is a way for the public, family, friends, and loved ones to hear how incarcerated people cope with their confinement in positive ways. In relating their stories, they hope to help guide others from making the same pitfalls they have, to help other incarcerated people cope with prison life, and to help themselves find a better path in life. Their goal is to change not just their lives, but their environment, for the better.

Lifer’s Archive is produced and edited entirely by prisoners at the Oregon State Correctional Institute.

Episode guide:

Episode 1, Vic Kasor
Episode 2, Cayce French
Episode 3, Wyrm
Episode 4, Dean K
Episode 5, Les Dorson
Episode 6, Rick Exe
Episode 7, Kevin Roper
Episode 8, Cannon
Episode 9, Chris Lambert
Episode 10, COVID 19: Art, Chris, Mike (Wyrm), Rick. 4.15.20
Episode 11, Voting. 4.24.20
Episode 12, New Horizons. 4.24.20
Episode 13, Erik Handstad. 5.1.20
Episode 14, Boatman. 5.1.20
Episode 15, Brad Ballantyne. 5.29.20
Episode 16, James Bond. 6.5.20
Episode 17, Ga-lo and Chris. 6.12.20
Episode 18, Round Table. 7.17.20
Episode 19, Alice F. 7.17.20
Episode 20, Native Issues. 7.17.20
Episode 21, Solitary. 8.28.20
Episode 22, Joey V. 9.4.20